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Printing Problem

Hello all, you may have notice that one of Obi’s poems on My Back Pages was printed a little strangely. We assure you this was not his intention, just some bizarre printing error that we are looking into to avoid a similar mistake in the future. For now please enjoy the poem as it was meant to appear:

By noon, we finished painting the cosmos,
And washing the dry paints from our fingers.
We arranged the table for coffee,
And filled the flowervase.

We re-enact our abilities partly as triumph,
Partly as a sequence of delayed accidents,
To covet the women with whom we are interpolated,
To halt the nightmare of a meaningless life,
And to mutter the drunken truth:
¡No se puede vivir sin amor!

– Obi Nwakanma

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A nightmare interview: excerpts from a conversation with featured faculty poets Obi Nwakanma and James D’Agostino

Feature by | Charlotte Keenan

O-You don’t drink beer?
C- Well, I haven’t eaten dinner yet.
J- The slow beginning is very important, I’m told.
C- I don’t know
O- What’s that you’re drinking?
C- This is water.
O- You can’t drink water around me…or I’m not talking to you….  If you drink water…
J- No comment!
O- …end of conversation….
C- I can’t do that. Continue reading

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Resignation Questions Remain Unanswered

Story by | Grant Kling

The execution of Barbara Dixon’s resignation has been nearly masterful.  Both parties, The Board of Governors and Dixon herself, have been quoted that it was simply time to part ways.  The Index reported Dixon as saying “We’ve kind of come to the conclusion that we need to agree to disagree.” And the St. Louis Post Dispatch quoted Mark Wasinger, chairman of the Board of Governors, saying that “it was not a hostile matter at all.” Continue reading

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The Monitor Environmental Forum: Clarification on Media’s Message

Opinion by | Ryan Dalton

Laura Ferry writes:

In response to “The Monitor Environmental Forum: Initiating a Journalistic Shift” opinion by Ryan Dalton (Monitor Vol. 15 Issue 2).

I appreciate your intentions in your recent editorial in the Monitor Environmental Forum.  Educating yourself and peers is always a laudable intent, and I often find that it is helpful to question our assumptions, including those we get from the media. Continue reading

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We are the People We Have Been Waiting For: a declaration of independence!

Opinion by | an anarchist near you

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that the United States government is saturated with corruption; that this nation’s leaders—politicians, bureaucrats, judges, lawyers, police forces, military officials, and corporate executives, cannot be trusted; that the rich are getting progressively richer at the expense of the rest of us; that there are few if any genuine responses to our escalating energy crisis; that our “consumer society” has failed to deliver the happiness we have been promised; that the production and trading of all these goods and services is laying waste to the earth while imprisoning us in dangerous, stressful, tedious, and otherwise inhumane forms of employment; that our families and intimate relationships are daily sacrificed by the pace and impersonal demands of this “globalizing” economy. Continue reading

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Palin a Hideous Repeat Version of our Destructive Thatcher

Opinion by | Larry Iles

Too much is imperiled to mince precious words.  So at risk of unjustified accusations of misogyny, herewith my forewarning about La Dame Palin as your VP come this November.  It is a stark one because US Gallup polls reported September 15 that a massive 21 percent of Americans feel correctly that she has been granted by right-center TV networks unduly favourable coverage since her largely unvetted selection by the desperate McCain at the Minnestoa GOP convention of his devising. It was followed up by some of the most fawning interviews on record by that embodiment of bourgeois smugness, ABC’s Charlie Gibson, as if she is our UK queen anew. Continue reading

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D and D: 4.0 or hells no?

Review by | James Ginns

Currently, players and dungeon masters of Dungeons and Dragons face an important decision with advent of the new 4.0 edition. Do I hoard my 3.0/3.5 books or embrace the new system? While not the world’s biggest fan of D and D, I am interesting in role playing games and wanted to give perspective players a glimpse of the new system. Continue reading

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