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The Basics of Digital DJing and How it Applies to You

How-To Feature: By Jared Cline

not Jared Cline

There are those who consider the ways of the DJ to be befuddling, and yes, even mysterious.  In the same way that ninjas can kill a foe with the tip of a finger or jump weightlessly from one rooftop to the next, DJs have perfected the Friday-night-enhancing skill of blending song after song into a seamless mix of indeterminate length, applying effects along the way that boggle the ears as well as the mind. With this kind of ability, you’d think they would be able to hover above the ground for at least several minutes at a time, but I am here to tell you differently. In fact, I intend to shed light on the not-so-dark arts of spinning and divulge exactly what you can do now to increase your DJness tenfold. For the first step, all you have to do is do what college students do best: download free shit on the internet.
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