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Aquadome Grand-Opening

The Aquadome is a neighborhood community center reopening in Kirksville. 10 years ago it led the way for DIY culture, including but not limited to: pot lucks and cooking, workshops, live music shows, artist space, social activism, bike rides, and all that good stuff. 

Saturday, July 30th, we are throwing a grand opening bash. The rot riders, the communiversity garden, the Bike-Coop and the Monitor people will be at the show to share their goals for the community and other information. There will be bands playing live all day and into the night. Also, there will be speakers on various subjects pertaining to our social activism vision (radical culture in kirksville, women’s rights, and possibly queer culture). 

Please come, listen, eat, drink, and support the center as it gets its feet off the ground!

Here’s a list of happenings throughout the day…

Ashley Glover
Cliff Greenjeans
Collin and Becca
Logan Joseph James
Capt. Hank
Merlins Beard
Piss machines

Food Not Bombs Pot Luck!!!!!

Free tarot readings by Becca and Brie
Late night DJ and dance party
Graffitti and four-square upstairs!

Avishek Banskota will discuss women’s rights
Larry Isles will discuss radical culture

The Monitor (local indie paper)
Bike Co’op
The Communiversity Garden
Rot Riders


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