by Larry Iles,MA,AM,BA,PGCE,ABD.

In a seemingly innocuous commentary to my Dulce Decorum WWi articles here in this monthly,my very right wing Uncle,with only one Cambridge honorary MA to his credit and over half a century of public neglect of my grandfather,s WW1 role,castigates me for all sorts of what he arrogantly mislabels error on his father.In fact despite being in recovery from a life-threatening bothched operation,all THE MONITOR collective know I went out of my way to accommodate his originally intemperate critique of the WHOLE  pieces altogether.Without telling me until too late he asked his two richest sons to research the book he cites as allegedly proving one S.kING hALL as the sole author of the Jutland diary I was given by BOTH my maternal grandmother and my mother to use as I wanted.They sadlylike him have not even requested the full diary I alone evidently had or taken into account the before he died critical viewpoint of WWi my grandad REPETITIVELY confided to me,often in oral history in the presence reinforcingly of his wife and this Uncles very own sister,my mother as context WW2 comparison,appeasement described in the two artcles.In the US JOURNALISM HISTORY JNL last year ,vol 40,no 3 F.Anderson in an article entitled CONCEALED HISTORY describes devastatingly principally on WWi the type of  masculinist cover-up history my uncle wanted me to write,including even a travesty of W,Owens detestation fatally of that war.More specifically it emerges JD Dobson did actually write up PERHAPS Halls account and in that respect was AT Jutland.nothing else was claimed by me.Hall was later published by the right wing E Benn pro-war,anti-feminist press in even childrens stories and alas both he and my brave grandad may have,legit so in my view been in breach of the secretive OFFICIAL SECRETS ACT of 1911 in their very selective use of the diary to support Jellicoes non-pursuit option  of the German fleet to save lives,a controversy this Dobson chooses to ignore eeven though it still rages.I rest my case,will enter into no further public MONITOT DEBATE  on this topic,and I am dismayed at this relatives disregard of WOMENS HERSTORY ORAL TESTIMONY.confident my grandmother did wise in entrustion this part of her hubbys legacy to me in outranking publications and Labour/Liberal history to my rather too bellicose uncle.

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