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Women and Gender Studies conference next week!

We’re eagerly anticipating this year’s WGST conference here at the Monitor, being the pinko bra-burning libbers that we are, and we’d like to use this platform to spread the word about the upcoming events so that you too can get in on the fun.  The theme is Composing Women, with a focus on women in the arts and music.  Thanks to Linda Seidel, the conference organizer and a friend of the Monitor, for providing us with this schedule.


Truman’ s  Sixteenth  Annual

Women’s and Gender Studies Conference

October 28, 29, 30, 2010

Sponsored by the Office of Interdisciplinary Studies

And the Department of English and Linguistics

Thursday, October 28 (Violette Hall 1000)

10:30-11:45 Mothers, whores, and revolutionaries: Representations by and

of Russian women

Sarah Mohler, “’Mother and Music’ . . . and Poetry: the Memoirs and Childhood Verses of

Ariadna Efron and Their Relation to Marina Tsvetaeva’s Oeuvre”

Sally West, “The Political Is Not Personal: Russian Revolutionary Women’s Memoirs”

Shannon Jumper, “Anna Akhmatova—The Conscience of Russia”

12:00-1:15 Sexual difference?

Kim Josten, “Establishing the Patriarchy”

Virginia Rice, “Superiority of Women: A Study of the Life of Eliza Farnham”

Theresa Presley, “Female Board Presence and the Likelihood of Financial Restatement”

Tonia Passwater, “Gendered Genres: the Reception of Masculine Works Composed by

American Women, 1893-1972”

1:30-2:45 Powerful women

Janee Johnson, “Isabella d’Este, Powerful Woman of the Renaissance”

Larry Iles, “Mary Agnes Hamilton: Historian, Politician, Novelist, Broadcaster, Social Critic,

and Tourist”

Stephanie Hulsey, “Why Did Kagan’s Personal Life Matter?: The Framing of Women

with Power”

3:00-4:15 Politics of the visual

Desiree Teter, “Virtue and Villainy: Visualizations of Women in 18th- and 19th-Century France”

Aaron Fine, “Why Am I Naked?”

Bob Mielke, “The Golden Easel: Sylvia Plath as Visual Artist”

4:30-5:45 International women 1

Morgan Tucker, “Agency and Opportunity: Women’s Reactions to Gender-Based Violence in

South Africa, 1948-Present”

Elisa Convers, “Weavers of Resilience”

Meg Burik, “The Jungle of Gender Roles: Gender Division in Brazilian Folktales and

Performance of Folk Traditions”

Celia Alpuche May, “Selena, A Reflection of the Mexican-American Woman”

[7:30 pm New Music Festival Concert I, Ophelia Parrish Performance Hall]

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