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Letter From the Editor

Well hey there, Monitorites!  Sorry that this issue is so far behind and so intangible here in its electronic form.  But this has been a great semester for the Monitor and we’ve got some fantastic stuff to share here.   Let’s unofficially call this loose collection of web articles  the “Kirksville’s Not Boring” issue.  Why?  Because we feel that it’s our duty as a paper to get YOU involved in this community.  You’re already at least halfway there if you’re reading this.  It must be true, because you decided to pick up the alternative paper.  More than that—it’s because you weren’t one of those people who decided to ditch your Midwestern roots the minute you graduated high school and head off to a big city where entertainment and culture would be handed to you from on high.  Instead, you came to the kind of place where interesting shit doesn’t just happen on its own—we have to make it happen ourselves.  It’s a responsibility of citizenship and part of what makes Kirksville such a great place.  The burden of being fun, informed, hip, creative, and productive rests on each and every one of us and from what we’ve seen there are a lot of people around here living up to that burden.  What’s that you say, you haven’t seen any of this?  You’re still bitching about the dull drag of small-town life?  Stop complaining and do something!  Look a little harder at what people are up to.  You should actually go to those events you see advertised around campus!  Make an appearance at Tom Thumb.  Start a band, start a club, start a party.  Figure out what’s going on in university politics—those things affect all of us, and if you think of yourself as some kind of passive customer here, you aren’t thinking hard enough.  Write a letter to the editor (see below).  Get out on the square and see what there is to do here beyond Wal-Mart shopping and Pancake City loitering.  A small community like Truman is a half-blank slate with space for anything you can come up with.   There’s always an idea that hasn’t been thought up before, a leadership position waiting to be filled, an issue that no one’s advocating for, and a boring night that could use for somebody like you to head out and start shit.  Maybe you’re already doing all of that stuff, and for that, we commend you.  But maybe you still need a little bit of prodding.  This is our plea to you.  Be interesting.  Do something.  Make things.  GO!

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From the Editors: Happy Birthday to The Monitor!

Golly Gee! Can you believe it? It’s actually been fifteen years!

Fifteen years of news, opinions, features, humor, reviews, comics, poetry, art, and all sorts of general absurdity.

The Monitor was founded way back in April 1995 by a group of students interested in creating a forum for community discussion. The mission was simple: anyone could submit whatever they wanted, and the humble staff would publish it. No editorial control, just a place for anyone to have their voice heard.

Over the years, a bit more humor snuck in, but The Monitor’s purpose remains the same.

It’s been a strange couple of years here at the paper. After sporadic publication in the final months of 2006, we stopped publishing completely for the entirety of 2007 as old editors graduated.

About a year ago, in a flurry of nostalgia, a few of us decided to get The Monitor up and running again. We ran into some financial trouble early in 2009, but should be up and running full force for the next school year, thanks to a great new editorial staff.

Speaking of which, that’s where you come in. Continue reading


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OMG New Monitorz this week!

Guess what!

We’re putting out a whole new issue in just a couple days! We’re celebrating our fifteenth anniversary with a full-size issue. Our best yet perhaps.

Stay tuned.

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moar coooookiez! and poems!

Hey Monitor folks, we’re having another bake sale tomorrow and Thursday, that’s April 1st and 2nd.  On the quad.  Be there!  Eat cookies!  Support The Monitor and our endeavor to afford printing another issue!

Also, Thursday night at 10 PM there will be a Monitor-hosted poetry slam at Il Spazio.  Two dollar cover.  Bring three poems. “Standard poetry slam rules apply,” sez the Franklin.

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Local newspaper still in a rough spot – get over it!

Hello, Monitor folks. We’ve returned with another Recession Edition, but we’re hoping our next issue will be back to the 12-page format. Thanks to everyone for the donations and help during last week’s bake sale! All the support we’ve received is deeply appreciated.

However,we’re still scraping funds together, so if you feel even remotely inclined to donate to The Monitor’s cause, e-mail us at, and we’ll come to you. No kidding, we want to make as simple as possible the transfer of money out of your hands and into our printing account! Otherwise, keep submitting your creative work and come to our Thursday night meetings at 8 p.m. in the SUB Down Under.


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And we’re back!

Hello everybody! Heard you missed us, well we’re back.

As you noticed, we’re skimping on the expenses right now. Instead of the usual twelve pages, we’re down to two. For the time being, we’re going to have these small issues, but we’re going to try to get them out every week.

For now, you can come to our meetings at 8 PM in the SUB down under. Also, check us out on the quad. There will be a bake sale next Tuesday and Wednesday. And be sure to keep hitting up for even more great stuff.


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Hard Times and Cookies

Hey Monitor people, in case you’re wondering, the next issue of The Monitor should be coming out early next week.  We’re kind of broke, so be sure to enjoy our Recession Edition format.

Did I mention we’re broke?  If you have any spare change or paper money, please consider donating.  We’ll be hosting a bake sale and (cup)cake walk on the quad during the week of February 23, so you can give us your money then, too.

Finally, if you’d like to donate or have any other questions, please e-mail us at

xxox The Editors

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