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Twilight of the Compact Disc

Opinion by | Harry Burson

A few weeks ago on Gawker Media’s “Idolator”, one of their intrepid bloggers briefly took a respite from following their RSS feed to take a trip to his local Borders as it liquidated its CD department. A follow-up to a visit to Circuit City’s liquidation back in December (This American Life coincidentally covered the same story the same week with “Scenes from a Recession“).

I found both of the posts very entertaining, maybe because I work at a , albeit one with more reasonable prices. Perhaps because much of our rural clientele does not have an Internet connection, we have yet to make considerable cuts to our CD department. Although, I’m certain I sell two or three times as many books, DVDs, and video games as I do CDs every shift. The only problem is few of those sales are going to the youngsters we are aggressively targeting. Mostly I sell country, metal, and some top 40 hip hop, very little rock beyond Nickelback. Continue reading

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Movie Spotlight: Twilight Video Review

Noted media critic Howard Canard (from the Monitor’s TV spotlight with Howard Canard) reviews the new vampire romance flick with guests Harry and Ryan. Plus a sneak peek of what we have in store for the Monitor next semester.

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